I've just got some connections back. Only some.

The word connection becomes more and more important everyday. It is about me and my dancemates, and me and myself. I try so hard, but a lot of time I also give up. Now, slowly, something good come back.

I love him. We are friends. I'm reminding myself that never let the jealousy destroy our friendship. I can feel it more and more clearly, which is so dangerous. I want to love my friend unconditionally as I used to. Why is it so hard to love him right now? I can feel the jealousy taking part of my love for him. I begin to hate myself.

I should be happy seeing him happy. But I can't be happy if I'm not participating in that happiness too. Why? I'm so bad. As a friend, I should be glad seeing him getting further well with his career. It's good for him to take a leap forward. But I'm sad and jealous because I can't catch him. And he doesn't care to give me a pulling hand. That's why I'm sad and jealous. There's an angry in it too.

Maybe the only thing I can do now is to push myself more and more. To go beyond him, further than him. And that I can love him again. Now I know I still love myself more that loving him.

I don't understand. For some, opportunities always go to them. Easily. While I try so hard but always get nothing. What happen to my life? They have everything. They have their ways. They have their attentions. But I who always fight always lost of everything. I don't understand. Since at BCB, it was always him who got every chance, every opportunity that comes, but why not me? Technically, he could do everything, he has a gift. But me, I tried a lot doing it. But fail! Always Fail!


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